Oxford Insta-Shade’s hardworking & knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing their valuable customers with quality horticultural services and products in a professional manner for 30 years and counting!

Oxford Insta-Shade is:

  • Creative

    We are totally different than the average box store! Our unique styles, knowledge, customer service, ∓ personality set us apart. You’ll wish you heard of us sooner!

  • Consistent

    Our products and services have a supreme quality that we are proud of! In case of a rare plant failure, our warranty policy ensures happy clients!

  • Community Involved

    We love being a part of & supporting local charities and events. It’s our way of giving back!

  • Credible

    Our professional team is reliable and sincere. You can trust us with your horticultural needs!

  • Committed

    We are loyal to our customers, suppliers, & employees. Its our joy & job to cater to you!