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Browse the latest,cutting-edge to the tried & true varieties to find the trees and/or shrubsthat will best enhance your landscape. If in doubt, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in making the right plant choices.

We carry sizes ranging from small 1 gallon pots to 25’ tall trees that we can spade out of our 7 acre field and plant in your yard! You want a tree or shrub that we don’t have in stock at the moment? Please let us know and read more


Perennials are easy to care for and bloom at different times. There is always a place for these plants in a garden. They grow, flower, reproduce at the root and go dormant in winter. Perennials come back year after year and your money is well invested if you go the perennial way!

In our perennial section, you'll find hundreds of plants to fit in any garden. We stock perennials ranging from 4" pots all the way to fully-developed plants in 3 gallon pots! The best time to buy and plant them is late spring, when the ground starts to warm up and you get the first pick of read more


Wantsuper easy, striking, and affordable plants?Annuals are the way to go! With their stunning colours, different shapes & sizes, and abundance of flowers throughout the whole season, they can be used in so many different ways. You just can't do without them!

Annuals grow, flower, reproduce seeds, and expire between early spring (March/April), through until the first heavy frost (October/November). You'll find a grand assortment of full sun, part sun, and full shade annuals at Oxford Insta-Shade.

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Succulents, Tropicals, & House Plants

Succulents and air plants need minimal care, and they look fantastic indoors and/or outside in the warmer months! Succulents are happiest when you water them once a week, add some slow release fertilizer, and a plant them in a light planting media containing moss, sand, perlite, and soil. Air plants are even easier. No pot, soil, or fertilizer is needed; just dunk them in water for an hour every 10 days!

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