A seasonally changing display of stunning perennials and trees that compliment your store and/or home will make all the difference! Adding living horticultural elements that essentially soften hard, manmade/raw edges of buildings, walkways, patios, & other non-living materials. It’s an investment that adds curb appeal, overall value, and pays back with beauty year after year.

To start the process of obtaining a professional splash of color, life, and consistent growth to your yard, simply take our design questionnaire or schedule a design consultation today!

Oxford Insta-Shade’sprofessional softscape installation will:

  • Add curb appeal.
  • Increase the overall value of your property.
  • Make your property look appealing year round.
  • Create a natural privacy screen if desired.
  • Save on heating/cooling bills with correctly placed large shade trees.
  • Give you compliments from neighbors, family, friends, and strangers.
  • Compliment your taste of style.
  • Control erosion in low areas through creative rain gardens & water loving plants.
  • Be even easier to keep looking its best when you hire us to do spring & fall cleanup.
  • Surpass your anticipations!

Softscaping Materials

Soil, grass, perennials, bi-annuals, bulbs, tropicals, succulents, groundcovers, annuals, vines, evergreen & deciduous trees and shrubs are all included in this category. Primarily, anything that is living, growing, and changing is referred to as a softscaping material. The plant library and plants & trees will give you more information concerning specific plant details.

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