Tree Sales

Spaded Trees

If you are looking to purchase a large spaded tree, we have over 90 acres containing more than 70 different varieties! Is this information correct?

Simply schedule an appointment with Oxford Insta-Shade’s Co-Owner & ISA Certified Arborist Jan Veldhuizen. He can help you pick the right tree for the right place!

Contact Jan at 519-424-2180 or

Wire Basketed Trees

Want a big tree, but don't have the access space to get a large truck through? We have a range of medium sized wire basketed trees that can be planted with our Dingo & Bobcat, so you can still get an ‘instant’ tree!

If you have your own equipment to dig the hole and move the wire basket tree, you will perhaps decide to plant it yourself! We will load it into your vehicle and keeping in mind the weight and away you go!

The knowledgeable and accommodating employees at Oxford Insta-Shade will assist you in finding the perfect tree and schedule a planting if you desire.

Potted Trees

If you don’t mind waiting a bit longer for a tree to grow, then a potted tree is the perfect choice! Either plant it yourself, or have us plant it for you. We have a huge selection of native, cultivars, ornamental, and much more available in evergreen or deciduous types!

Our staff will direct you to the tree you have in mind, and also suggest products to go along with your tree.